Fasting from Fasting

November 23, 2009 at 9:29 am Leave a comment

A few weeks ago my Parish Council went on a day-long retreat together. It was pretty awesome. In outlining the agenda for the day, the retreat leader made reference to “that activity that lies at the heart of the Kingdom of God: eating together”. I had my little “Ah-HA” moment. It connected with some stuff A Sarah said a while back about the Christian Narrative, and its relation to hunger/satisfaction longing/fulfillment.

I have asked this wise woman to work with me to develop a Lenten bible study, in which we will connect HAES concepts with scriptural stories. It isn’t fully fleshed out yet.

But there’s something there about hunger/thirst/longing being a vehicle that leads us to God, and that when we are culturally conditioned to see hunger as the enemy we lose access to a means of finding God. I’m not sure we can keep denying physical hungers without losing the capacity to know and honour and satisfy spiritual hungers.

And there’s something there about knowing yourself- a connection between self-knowledge and self-acceptance and self-love- something that points back to the title of this Blog, and a celebration of the many, many different images of God in which a community of people are created. The Lenten season is so often devoted to making us aware of how wretched we are. And, I’m not denying that we have the capacity for incredible wretchedness. But we’re not all wretchedness and ick. There is beauty in us, too. Cherishing the beauty that is within us, that God sees in us, seems like a worthwhile Lenten task, too.

This is still in the half-formed thought phase. I’m mostly posting about it to capture some of this before it dissipates from my head altogether. And now my kid is declaring that it is time to go to the Y. So the rest will just have to dissipate. Presumably, if it’s worth remembering it’ll come back on its own eventually.


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