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August 11, 2009 at 3:10 pm 2 comments

I’ve been having these painful conversations with my mother about Mother of the Bride dresses*.
(She is, just by the way, going to look stunning for my sister’s wedding in September.)

But she’s all upset, because she has three daughters and wore a 12 for my wedding, and a 14 for wedding #2. She’ll allow how maybe she could wear a 16 for #3, but an 18 is just a bridge to far. I tell her that I think she should wear a dress that fits, that she can dance in, that she can think about how happy she is for her beautiful daughter and her wonderful new Son-in-law instead of thinking about sucking in her tummy. She nods, and then says she likes such-and-such a dressmaker because the 16 fits, and the other she’d have to go up a size. But whatever.

“It’s just a number”. I tell her. “It doesn’t mean anything”. Labels are just labels.
If you found this post via that fatosphere feed, I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, here.


Here’s what I learned this week.

One might think, given that the mild injury that I’ve finally committed to treating with proper TLC for healing is, according to my doc, all because of the fatz, that there would be an over-abundance of products out there to help the many, many injured fatties of the world treat our poor, overworked joints with the love and respect they deserve.

Not so much.

In the mainline pharmacy, products capped out about three inches shy of my leg circumference, leaving me two choices: a pre-made knee support that rolls, or a badly-wrapped tensor bandage (that might stay put, if I were better at wrapping. But I’m not).

The smaller pharmacy, with the yellow pages ad that emphasized orthopedic braces & supports, carried a brand that, for some items, went up to an XXXL- though not every item. Not the item, for example, I was shopping for. But kudos to them for making products available to a wider (har) range of customers. I’ll definitely be going back there when I need pharmacy items.

A clerk worked with me to find something that would fit properly. Of the products in stock, none of the affordable, low-medium supports for knees was right for me. I could take the giant leap to a higher support, higher cost product. Or…

… a tiny little step to the right, and the next section of the display wall.

I’m now sitting pretty in my new, comfortably fitting thigh knee support. HelpfulClerk assured me that it is indeed doing what I need it to do, to encourage healing. And even had some suggestions for preventing further injury when I get riding again.

Are just labels.

And I’m so glad I know that. Because a few years ago, before I found FA, buying a thigh sleeve for my knee would have been simply devastating. Today, it was just a relief. Now can this knee just heal, already- so I can get back on my bike before the snow flies.

*and seriously, what is WITH this catalogue? If you’re going to market your designs AS MOTB dresses, how ’bout using a model who looks old enough to be the Mother of the Baptismal Candidate, let alone the Bride.


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Doctor’s Orders That’s Breakfast Froog!

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  • 1. Synj  |  August 11, 2009 at 9:59 pm

    I have a similar story to “it’s just a label.” When I first graduated undergrad, a friend hooked me up as a manager of a seasonal halloween store. Part of this job was everyone got to try on and wear the costumes, makeup, etc. I was the largest person working in the store (about a 16/18, very hourglass), and I found i maxxed out the stretch factor for the “one size fits most” outfits.

    So, if anyone came into the store bigger than me, I knew they likely wouldn’t fit in the “one size” costumes, but would need to wear the plus-size ones (which we had a decent selection of). but, there were only a few *sexy* plus-size costumes meant for women compared to the smaller and even one-size costumes.

    *however* there was a whole line of “frat boy drag” costumes (best term i can figure; not particularly shapely, but low cut, short, etc. These would fit a woman up to a size 30-something from what I could figure. sure enough, I had a woman, i’m guessing around a size 22-ish, with not a lot of difference in her waist-bust-hip measurements. and all she really wanted was a sexy french maid costume. I brought her the men’s outfit, and she tried it on… with a belt and tights from the women’s plus-size costume accessories, it looked really cute, and she was ecstatic. she didn’t care it said men’s on the package, it was the right piece at the right time. 🙂

  • 2. Cassi  |  August 12, 2009 at 7:44 am

    Hi, I’m new to your blog and did, indeed, find you through the fatosphere feed. I thought I’d throw in a quick comment on your knee, since mine are an endless source of annoyance. On top of NSAIDs and pressure (and of course some rest) you might also want to look into some good flexibility exercises. Biking (which I love) is notorious for creating imbalances in the leg muscles. Strengthening is important (as you mentioned) especially the VMO (inner quad). But while you’re at it, stretching the VM (outer quad) and IT band (which can cause lateral tracking of the knee cap) are also important.

    If you can get one and can afford it, a prescription for PT is also useful. Physical Therapists often know far more about knees than general practitioner MDs do and, in my experience, tend to be less judgmental. If that’s not in the cards there are some great sources on the web for videos of good rehab exercises (try or the postrehabspecialist channel on youtube).

    Good luck with your knee.

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