Doctor’s Orders

August 8, 2009 at 3:33 pm 3 comments

So, I’ve been nursing, since the spring, a bum knee.

Last week, it went from intermittently mildly painful to constantly very painful– which was an alarming new development. I decided to scrap my traditional “bodies are amazing healing systems, lets wait and see” approach to my health, and called my Doctor’s office.

My regular Doc is on holidays, but they fit me in with someone else in the practice for that afternoon. (wow! that NEVER happens!) I came home from that appt with a prescription for anti-inflammatories, and an overdose of unveiled contempt.

Fine. Whatever. This is, I guess, a fairly common injury. I got the same anti-inflammatory-and-tensor advice over gchat from a friend, without the curt “you are a waste of my time” dismissal, or the murmured under the breath commentary, or the weight-loss lecture. (Why do I not listen to her more often… that chick KNOWS stuff!)

According to this fine practitioner of community health care, the initial sprain, and the inflammation of the tendon that resulted from it, was caused by my fat (which places undue stress on joints). Not the strain of towing 2 kids up a hill in a bike trailer- but my fat. And the re-injury that has slowed healing is caused by my fat (which causes undue stress on joints). Not the weekly softball games. Not the playing-on-the-floor-with-the-kids- but my fat. And the tear that caused the escalation in pain was inevitable, what with all the getting on with living-while-fat. And if I don’t lose weight, I can look forward to a long future of repeated sprains and strains and pains.

“For the acute pain, you can take the anti-inflammatories. In the long term, it’s up to you”

Except that it isn’t.

So, again I say, “whatever”.

My work brings me into contact with a lot of different people of many generations. And The Great Generation uses this phrase “doctor’s orders” to suggest that an expert on their body and health told them to do something for their own good, so they’ll do it (or despair over their inability to do it) at great inconvenience. Because they were ordered to do so. And they wouldn’t want to be non-compliant

So, on my hour’s drive home from the doc who’s time I wasted, I had some time to consult with an actual expert on my body and health. “Self” I asked myself, “What has made this injury feel better? What has made it worse”.

And after careful consultation with myself, I’ve scratched myself from the ball team’s roster. (That was hard. Hubby and I joined the team together, and I’ve been sidelined for 4 years, pregnant or nursing) And since long bouts at the computer make things feel worse, and swimming makes things feel better, my guild will have to pwn Ulduar without the priest they all pitched in to gear up. Since I’ll be heading to the Y for lane swim after bedtime, at least 3 nights a week.

An actual expert on my body and health thinks we’ll have more success strengthening the joint than shrinking the body above it, too. So I’m looking into a trainer, so I can move the bike (that I LOOOOVE) indoors through the winter, so that next spring towing the kids won’t be too much for it. (Next spring, Ruth will have her own two-wheeler, which makes my heart a little nostalgic/melancholy, but my knee relieved)

Inconvenient? kinda.
But I’ll do it anyway.

Doctor’s Orders.


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  • 1. Jocelyne  |  August 8, 2009 at 7:51 pm

    *grin* You didn’t listen to me because I said… probably just needs anti-inflammatories, rest and a tensor bandage, but if it’s Friday and it hurts a lot, go to the doctor in case it gets worse over the winter.

    The only other piece I would add, especially given that I know your body type is to make sure that your bike is optimally set up. If you’re adding the weight of towing two kids (and I’ve done it) and you’ve already got a slightly straining angle for pedalling, or your seat too low, or your legs too extended? It will be aggravated.

    Trust me on this one. I often feel like I’m up *way* too high on my bike, but my knees don’t hurt any more.

  • 2. Jocelyne  |  August 8, 2009 at 7:52 pm

    Ack. Not worse over the winter. Worse over the weekend.

  • 3. Jackie  |  August 9, 2009 at 9:10 am

    This is great! I have had a bum ankle for years–now they say it’s posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (before it was ankle sprain, stress fracture, vitamin d deficiency, etc..but always the exact same in jury). What is the answer to such a progressive disease you ask?
    Lose weight!
    What is the only thing that seems to help anybody (according to my online research):
    Have surgery.
    Which was mentioned to me by my doctor repeatedly?
    Oh, I know you know the answer…have surgery–to loose weight! Not to fix my tendon………
    Joy 🙂

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