Discipline and Self-Control

November 2, 2008 at 12:26 pm Leave a comment

Discipline and control.  Two things I need a lot more of in my life.

Not with respect to diet or exercise, mind you.  Now that Grace is approaching the 5 month mark, I can move more while hurting less and the child-minding center at the gym is a wonderful tool for getting an hour to myself.  I’m pretty happy with my level of activity.  Grace is still nursing, and we both eat when we are hungry, so that seems to be working much as it should be.

No, I need discipline in a very different little corner of my life. The corner where, although I’m still on paid maternity leave, I’m aware that my job is very likely being de-funded in the new year. The corner where I have a very hard time translating my extensive training and abilities into a marketable skill set.

So I’m going to try and start selling some of my writing.  The most likely buyer has very strict submission guidelines. I need to adapt to a very different format than what I’m used to: concise reflections of 1275-1300 characters (with spaces), ~225-235 words.  So, although I’ve started late, I’m hopping on the NaBloPoMo bandwagon.  Will I ever earn a living by writing?  Probably not.  But “Freelance Writer” is a far more entertaining answer to the “what do you do?” question than “Unemployed Priest”

Thanks for your patience.


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