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February 15, 2008 at 4:24 pm 4 comments

Now that all the “resolution” dieters are waning, my local Weight Watchers is launching another campaign- presumably to catch the attention of the budget-conscious-because-of-the-post-Christmas-credit-card-bill.

Apparantly, the best things in life are available for a membership fee of only $15.75/week

But of course, nobody pays the weekly fee. A quick look at the pricing page reveals that the cheapest membership rates come with a 16-week package. Three of those would not quite cover a year- bringing annual membership costs to… just under $615.

Which got me wondering, with a budget of $615, what other options might there be to stop dieting and start living?

Local fitness club memberships
YMCA single adult membership: $492, leaving $123 for class or program fees- 4-5 chances to try something new and see if I love it
City-run wellness centre membership: $450. includes aquafit classes. Leaving $165 for REALLY COMFORTABLE new shoes, because those people are fanatic about not using outdoor shoes on their equipment. Or 75 prepaid visits to the child-care centre.

New Ways to Move
Yoga classes: $120/12 weeks (480/year)
Scottish Country Dance Lessons: $100/year
Tai Chi Society membership: $205/year
Karate Classes: $50/month (600/year)
Platinum Membership (all training workshops, entry in all events) at local trisport store: $260
Dog-walking volunteer at humane society: free
Self-sponsorship for charity walks/rides/runs: variable
dancing with toddler: free

equipment or gear
a trainer- to bring my bike inside for winter training: $230
heart rate monitor: $63-95
bike computer: $25-150

fun with foods
Organic veggies home delivery: $38/delivery (biweekly $988/year). Cost over WW offset by reduced grocery bills.
Exciting new recipes: free online, variable cost for cookbooks.

intros to new sports
triathlon – free.
running – free.
cycling – free.

retrain my brain
Read body-positive blogs – free
throw out bathroom scale – free
give “someday it’ll fit again” box of clothes to goodwill – free


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  • 1. mrYan  |  February 15, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    I love love love love it. I really wish I could forward this on to friends who are doing WW right now, engaging in the most body-hating diet talk, and self-sabotaging so that they can continue to blame the fat for any issues they have in life. It’s hard to give up a convenient scapegoat, I guess, even if it means some self-hatred.

    This is such an affirming post.

  • 2. Liz  |  February 15, 2008 at 7:31 pm

    I like this math!

  • 3. Aurora  |  February 16, 2008 at 4:27 pm

    thank you!! Awesome list! I would add:
    Walking outside in the spring air to look at the bulbs coming up: free
    (Ok, I know it might not be spring for everyone yet, but it will be)
    Chasing toddler: free
    Playing tickle monster with toddler: free
    Gardening: free
    Vising local farmers markets when they open for your season: free to look, smell, enjoy, and get introduced to the seasonal flavors of your area, and cost of what you buy offset by lower bills at the grocery store, plus you support the local farming economy and get the freshest food around.

  • 4. lillian64  |  February 24, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    I agree. I was on one of those over a thousand members WW yahoo clubs and I felt like they were part of a cult. They were telling me that I had to go to every meeting when that isn’t what’s listed on my lifetime membership booklet. I like the points so I do them on my own and save myself the 12 dollars a week. I can use 12 dollars a week on so many other things. I quit the yahoo group in two days and I didn’t go to a WW meeting.

    Besides, I don’t see the point in spending money to get yelled at. I can weigh myself if I desire. I can see how well my clothes fit. I can see if my weight training at home is making any difference in my strength or in the size of my muscles.

    What I found the most disturbing was the attitude from a number of people that were no longer losing weight. Most member lose weight at first and then after a month, two months, perhaps, six months, they stop. They start yo-yoing a small amount of weight. They get frustrated with WW. I can see them throwing in the towel with the diet thing. However, they should be focused on the good stuff. They should focus on having more energy, enjoying exercise, not needing to eat as much as still feel full, etc. The weight should be a side issue.

    I checked out FA because of HAES. I was upset that all those people would throw out the progress they made on living a healthier life because they stopped losing weight. The improvements people see when they lose a small amount of weight is due to the effort they put into losing it. It’s not because 5 to 20 pounds make such a difference in their health. It has to do with eating less fat, eating more fruits and vegetables, eating more fiber, exercising more and eating less so called junk food.

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